Other Things You Can Buy With Bitcoin

Property And Hotel

One of the fantasies of the cryptocurrency group is to have the capacity to travel – crosswise over fringes, maybe –and to have the capacity to pay in bitcoin. This would abstain from visiting coin trades and pay their bonuses and expenses, while additionally staying away from the need to bear much money. Presently the fantasy is beginning to take off, with eminent organisations beginning to welcome bitcoin locally available.
Expedia reported it will acknowledge bitcoin for all lodging appointments, making it the primary real travel organization to acknowledge payments in cryptocurrency. Expedia said bitcoin will be coordinated into the payment choices for clients at registration, sitting close by payment strategies like PayPal and Visa. In the event that all goes well, the organization says it might extend the installments choice to different zones of its business, including flights.
Holiday Inn in Brooklyn, New York, is presently accepting bitcoin installments in a test case program regulated by bitcoin business person Charlie Shrem. The Park Slope Holiday Inn Express is situated on Union Street in Brooklyn and bitcoin reservations are conceivable either by telephone, on the web or face to face. Once more, if the pilot goes well, the tie ought to open up more inns to bitcoin paying clients.
Spanish chain One Shot Hotels has been accepting bitcoin payments since 1st October 2014 for its two locations in Madrid (one with its own bitcoin ATM). New branches in Barcelona, Valencia, Seville and London are planned for the future and will accept bitcoin too.
Offering international investors the chance to buy UK properties with an extensive range of digital currencies, including bitcoin, Cai-Capital claims to be the first UK firm providing this facility. Targeting markets such as China, Russia and the Middle East, the Cheltenham-based company, which works in partnership with estate agent Hill-Mathieson & Partners, hopes that cryptocurrency payments will draw in new customers for the company’s sales, letting and property management services.

Restaurants and Bars

Bitcoin.Travel is a respected site, offering a mappable list of accommodation, apartments, attractions, bars, and beauty salons around the world.Coinmap also maintains a worldwide database of establishments. 
If you’re in London, UK, the Pembury Tavern is well known, as is the Old Fitzroy pub if you’re in Sydney, Australia. If you make it to Tokyo, you’ll find local bitcoiners dining out on bitcoin at The Pink Cow.
For those who happen to be both peckish and located in London, a quick snack can be had for both bitcoin and dogecoin at the Burger Bear stall, which sells a range of artisan burgers and also caters for parties and events. The business has also just completed a crowdfunding campaign for more permanent establishment in the near future too.
When it comes to food and drink, there are other ways to spend bitcoins, even if a restaurant doesn’t directly accept them.
Foodler, a site enabling you to browse and order delivery and take-out meals from restaurants across the globe, has over 13,000 restaurants in 3,150 cities on its books. You can use bitcoins to pay for ‘Foodler credits’, which can be used at any of the restaurants.
Takeaway.com, a European online food ordering site which employs over 100 people and reported a revenue of over €100m in 2012, announced in November 2013 that its website in the Netherlands was accepting payment in bitcoin via payment processor BitPay.
Strangely, we are beginning to see incipient groups of bitcoin-accommodating establishments. One of many examples is the Bitcoin-Kiez in Berlin which is persuading local establishments in small numbers along the Graefekiez there to support bitcoin.
Similarly, in the Netherlands, all of the businesses (nine restaurants and an art gallery) along two canal-side streets in the centre of the Hague have collectively started to accept bitcoin. Unofficially the two streets running along the canal – Bierkade and Groenewegje – have also changed their name to ‘Bitcoin Boulevard’.

Platforms For Bitcoin Payments

Another advancement that has as of late observed huge quantities of vendors joining the bitcoin space all at once is the reception of the digital coin by payment platform providers. These organizations offer organizations the capacity to effortlessly acknowledge installments from clients by an assortment of means, for example, credit/platinum cards and PayPal. The uplifting news for the crypto group is that they are likewise beginning to take off bitcoin benefits as well. The shipper may not really have made the bitcoin usefulness live on their stores yet, yet numerous will have and more will undoubtedly take after. 
E-commerce platforms such as Shopify included a bitcoin payment choice for its merchants in late 2013. With a base of more than 70,000 online stores, the quantity of merchandise that can conceivably be acquired with bitcoin all of a sudden extended fundamentally. Peculiarly, discovering them is not right now simple, on the grounds that the Shopify.com commercial center page does not exist anymore, however there is a rundown of 75 stores now accepting BTC on their blog.
Commerce-as-a-service solutions provider Digital River, a company that processed more than $30bn in online transactions in 2013, announced in June 2015 that it was adding bitcoin as a payment option for its online merchants. The offering is now available to merchants using the Minnesota-based company’s SWREG solution for small and mid-sized businesses.
Similarly, Mollie, a payments platform in the Benelux region has potentially opened up over 10,000 merchants to bitcoin buyers.

Services You Can Buy with bitcoin

The Colorado-based company is one of the biggest content providers in America, with more than 14 million pay-TV subscribers. DISH says bitcoin payments will be made available to all customers who decide to make one-time payments on mydish.com starting in the third quarter of 2014, but it has not yet revealed an exact date. Once it does, it will become the biggest company to accept bitcoin to date. 2014 DISH Network Corporation reported revenue of $13.9bn. The company has more than 30,000 employees.
Following its successful test with bitcoin micropayments provider BitWall back in February, the Chicago Sun-Times has announced that it has partnered with San Francisco-based bitcoin startup Coinbase to accept bitcoin payments for subscriptions. The announcement makes the Sun-Times the first US newspaper to accept bitcoin as a payment option.
A property listings site in the US gives a discount to users who advertise on the site and pay in bitcoin. The listings site, called RentHop, is offering landlords and agents who advertise properties in New York a discount of up to 60% if they pay for their adverts in bitcoin. RentHop customers pay for ads with credits purchased from the site.
How about paying for education with bitcoin? Orlando, Florida-based online interactive education specialist Treehouse now accepts bitcoin for its subscription web design and web development education services. The firm, which to date has raised $24.6m through six funding rounds, boasts 70,000 students who use the platform to learn valuable skills in languages and software such as Android, CSS, HTML, Java, jQuery, iOS and Ruby, among others.
And if you’re looking for friends or love, OKCupid, the matchmaking site, began accepting bitcoin payment way in April 2013, making it an extremely early adopter as far as large companies go. With four million users as of 2013, OKCupid is part of IAC, a media and Internet company whose holdings include Ask.com, Vimeo and Match.com. While OKCupid boasts of being completely free, it also offers an ‘A-List’ premium subscription that brings extra features which can be paid in cryptocurrency.
“One of the most dangerous worldwide sorority of wonderful stick up young ladies that has ever existed” is currently accepting bitcoin for its enrollment memberships. SuicideGirls is a mainstream grown-up themed online group that bills itself as a festival of option ways of life and female strengthening. Somewhere in the range of 2,624 SuicideGirls give photographs, video and blog entries to the site. Promote, the bigger brand has extended from photography and video to incorporate comic books, magazines and books since its dispatch in 2001.
Web/tech services
Perhaps not surprisingly for a movement that requires a fair bit of technical know-how, bitcoin has garnered a lot of support from the online services community. Hosting companies in particular are willing to give your website or server a home on the Internet in exchange for bitcoin.
The bitcoin wiki has a good list. WordPress is among the most visible and popular sites, and will offer you a blogging presence online for payment in cryptocurrency. You can also go to BitcoinCodes to buy credits for Steam, Spotify, XBoxLive, PlayStation Network and AirVPN. Namecheap accepts bitcoin directly as payment for domain services. If you want a little more privacy online, several VPN (virtual private network)providers now accept only bitcoin after being blocked by credit card companies and PayPal.

Bitcoin gambling sites

One of the biggest destinations for people’s bitcoin is online gambling. It’s fast, with an immediate return (or loss) and bets can start relatively small. When done properly, it’s also easy to prove that bets are fair – either by tracking payouts in the block chain, or by using external proof.
SatoshiDice has been the most popular online gambling site. Users mail money to one of a set of addresses, and in return they get a payout based on the probability of winning. Others include PeerBet – which accepts a host of cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin – plus Primedice.

Bullion traders

If you prefer your sound money in slightly heavier form, you have several choices.BitGold, a startup which recieved $3.5m in funding in 2014, offers a service which utilizes gold for payments and savings.
Amagi Metals has been trading bitcoins for precious metals since 2012. Based in Denver, the company sells bullion via its e-commerce site to almost anywhere in the world and says bitcoin is a great tool for promoting interest in financial responsibility.

Online bitcoin marketplaces

Online marketplaces are another way to spend bitcoins. They are effectively clearing houses that enable anyone to sell products to anyone else.
It all started with Silk Road, an underground marketplace that enabled people to sell illicit goods and services using bitcoin. The site, only accessible via the Tor anonymous browsing system, capitalized on the currency’s ability to facilitate anonymous trades (if you know what you’re doing).
Silk Road got shut down in October 2013 and promptly ‘returned’ a month later. If that’s not your game, there are more legitimate bitcoin marketplaces where you can spend your coins. Most of them are still in the fledgling stage and have a limited range of goods to offer, though.
Bitcoin Market and Cryptothrift are two category-driven sites, albeit sparsely populated. Flibbr allows you to search listed products by name. Reddit offers a subthread called Bitmarket, that allows people to list their goods as Reddit posts.
There are other, specialist sites popping up. BitPremier will sell your high-end luxury items for bitcoins, using an escrow service. It has an impressive selection of high-end listings including luxury cars, yachts, condos, antiques, and artworks. There is even an island for sale.

Bitcoin Donation

Feel like giving your bitcoins away to a good cause, or to reward an interesting comment? Here’s The Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice, a London-based NGO that campaigns for “justice, human rights and reconciliation” in Sri Lanka, and Sean’s Outpost – a homeless shelter in Pensacola, Florida.

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